Current and Future Concepts in Prosthodontics
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Scientific Programm | Speakers/Chairmen

Scientific Programm

Saturday 10 December 2005
08.00-09.00 Registration
09.00-13.00 Chairmen Dr. K. Gavakos, A. Mangos
09.00-11.00 Dr. N. Samet
• Predoctoral Prosthodontic Education at HSDM
• Tooth Preparation and impression - A critical analysis
11.00-13.00 Dr. R. Wright
• Weiterbildung in der Prothetik an der HSDM
• Implant Prosthodontics for the Edentulous Patient
15.00-19.00 Chairmen Dr. G. Panagiotidis, G. Iconomou
15.00-17.00 Prof. Dr. H.-P. Weber
• Implant Prosthodontics in the Partiallz Edentulous Patient Loading Protocols, Esthetic Considerations
17.00-19.00 Pro. Dr. H.-P- Weber
• Implants in the Deficient Alveolar Ridge
19.00-20.00 In memory of Dr. Pantelis Nic. Bochlogyros
Sunday 11 December 2005
09.00-13.00 Chairmen Dr. K. Gavakos, Dr. N. Kalvrezos
09.00-11.00 Dr. R. Wright
• The Use of Implants in Maxillofacial Prosthetics
11.00-13.00 Dr. N. Samet
• New Prosthodontics Materials and Techniques - a critical review


Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Weber
Professor and Chairman, Clinic for Prosthodontics and Biomaterials at Harvard University
Dr. Nachum Samet
Director, Predoctoral Prosthodontic Programm at Harvard University
Dr. Robert Wright
Director, Post Graduate Prosthodontics at Harvard University

Board G.-G.D.A./Chairmen
Dr. Konstantinos Gavakos
Orthodontics, Doctor Degree at Wurzburg University
Dr. George Panagiotidis
Orthodontics, Doctor Degree at Wurzburg University
Dr. Nikos Kalavrezos
Maxillofacial Surgeon, Doctor Degreee at Zurich Universtiy
Athanasios Mangos
Dentist-Periodontologist, responsible for the Curriculum Periodontology
George Iconomou
Maxillofacial Surgeon, responsible for the Curriculum Implantology

The International Symposium Prosthetic 2005 is dedicated to Dr. Pantelis Nic. Bochlogyros, Founder and President of the Greek-German Dental Association, who passed away unexpectedly in the beginning of July 2005. It was him having the idea and the first contacts, for this symposium to become real with the cooperation of Harvard University .