Pantelis N. Bochlogyros
1954 - 2005
Founder and 1st President of the Greek-German Dental Association

The president of the Greek-German Dental Association, the visionary behind the foundation of our Association is no longer amongst us.

Dr Pantelis Bochlogyros studied Dentistry and Medicine at the University of Athens. He specialised in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the University Hospital of Muenster, Germany. During this time Dr Bochlogyros completed his dissertation and he was awarded a Doctorate Degree from the same University in 1985.

Dr Bochlogyros had a wealth of clinical interests in parallel to his various scientific activities. He published numerous articles in international journals and he presented oral papers in several scientific symposiums and conferences all over the world. He was the Editor-in-Chief of the "Greek Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery" until the year 2001.

Dr Bochlogyros devoted a substantial part of his activities to the improvement of the specialised dental publications. He founded the publishing company "Laterre" and he was in charge of the Greek edition of the International Dental Journal "Quintessence- World Dental Selection". He also was in charge of the Greek translation of the journal "Quintessence- World Dental Material Selection" and "Implantology". As the Editor-in-Chief of these journals he remained on the cutting edge of all the contemporary developments not only in oral and maxillofacial surgery but in dentistry as a whole. These facts, combined with his love of education, were the main stimuli behind the foundation of the Greek-German Dental Association.

Last but not least, Dr Bochlogyros was committed to the improvement of dental education. Indeed, he put his devotion, organisational and managerial skills and knowledge of the current developments of dentistry at the disposal of our Association. In this way, the Greek-German Dental Association organised three international symposia in prosthodontics, inviting renowned international guest speakers.
Parallel to this, the Association is organising special courses (Curriculum) in periodontology and implantology. These courses offer the opportunity for the Greek dentist to attend the same postgraduate courses as his German counterpart.

Dr Bochlogyros was an enthusiastic man with immense interest in all the international developments in his specialty and full of new ideas for the betterment of dental education.

We shall remember him forever.